Jio New Cricket Plans launched
Jio New Cricket Plans launched

TRAI – Telecom Regulatory Authority of India recently released the monthly subscription data. It states that the telecom operating company named Reliance Jio gained 3.1M mobile users in may 2022. Along with this, Vodafone Idea (Vi) lost about 7.59 lakh subscribers. Whereas, Bharti Airtel also notices the growth of 1.02M new customers.

Also, BSNL – Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited also saw the loss of 5.31 lakh customer. To accompany these companies, another government enterprise MTNL also joins the list with the loss of 2,665 users. MTNL serves in the metro cities.


From where Jio gained 3.1M mobile users

Its worth noting that maximum subscribers for both reliance Jio and Bharati Airtel comes from rural areas. For Bharti Airtel, 99% of the new subscribers belonged to rural areas whereas for Reliance Jio, 56% of the new customers were from rural areas.

Jio leads the market again

When we look at the number of new customers, Jio ranks this time again. After that, Bharti Airtel ranks at second position. Along with this, its important to note that the highest share in the telecom industry is dominated by Reliance Jio. the estimation for its share – 35.69%. Reliance communication contains 0.0003% total market share whereas MTNL contains 0.28% total market share.

Along with this, Bharti Airtel secures its position at second position by having the total market share of about 31.62%. Also, he BSNL’s total market share contains 9.85% while Vi contains 22.56% of total market share.

The reports states that the user community for the wireless subscribers estimates to grow a lot in coming years as well. Mostly when we look at the data, we can see that the PSUs contains about 10.13% market share whereas the private access service providers contains 89.87% total market share.

Along with this, there’s also a remarkable growth in the Mobile number portability process as well. Its because of the high number of the customers submitting their request for it. That’s the important reason why Jio gained 3.1M mobile users.


At the end of April, the wireless telecom-density in the country was 83.05% and in May, the density was noted – 83.2%. As compared to the urban areas, the rural area witnessed the growth in wireless tele-density as the density in the urban area fell from 129.87% to 129.83% in May. Also, growth was noted in the wireline users as well.

Along with this, the user base for broadband segment also increased by 0.98% MoM to 794.64M. Besides, the MNP requests are increasing too much because of the user requests. So, mainly the increasing number brings joy to the main leading tele-communication operators – Jio and Airtel.

To survive and to grab the bigger slice of the telecom market, there’s a top-notch competition in the prices. Both the companies provides competitive prices with several services to stand out. However, this boosts the average revenues of the companies. It also attracts many potential customers as well.

Now, when it comes to services and prices, 5G spectrum also offers a lot of potential in the upcoming telecom market. Every company is all prepared to grab the most out of the 5G spectrum auctions.

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