Emergency Contact android app helps you to store/show the emergency contact information in notification bar. Easy to modify/add the contacts to the notification bar.
Purpose of of app : Suppose, mobile got stolen or some accident happen in those cases end user or a passer can find the emergency contact information from your mobile device and try to to make a contact with your family and/friends.
Features :
– Shows the contact information in notifications bar.
– You can save the information like to whom to contact.
– Battery Low messages can be send to saved contacts immediately with your location. SMS services charges will according your providers.
– You can clear the notification from the app. Just go to app -> click on menu buttons -> click on clear notification. It will remove the contact information from the screen.
– User can make a call from notifications bar by clicking on call button.
– No battery consumption, no service running on background.
“No one knows the future, but the present offers clues and hints on its direction”
“Being safe is in your own hands.”
In everyday life, there are lot of uncertainty and we won’t know when an emergency might arise. To be safe and to informed to our family and friends in case of an emergency. We need to be prepared for such emergencies.
The Android app helps you to be prepared for the same. Please install it and add/save emergency contact information, the same will be visible in Android device notification area and also even when the device is locked the same will be displayed on on screen. So a stranger can view the emergency contact number/s and call your family/friends in case of an emergency.
Just a step towards being safe. Share or Install this app in all your loved ones devices.



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