How to take Screenshots on Chromebook
How to take Screenshots on Chromebook

Before talking about how you can take screenshots on Chromebook, let’s understand more about Chromebooks. The popularity of Chromebooks hiked up during pandemics when all the parents started to take classes in their free time even in kitchens or bedrooms.

Learning something new was a trend in pandemics. However, now the demand for Chromebooks has cooled up but still they are circulating among people. Certainly, there are some features that are different between windows and macOS.


For example, taking screenshots. Third-party screenshot taking isn’t possible for this device. You all know how a single screenshot can save you from trouble right? So, how do you do it in Chromebook? Here are a few methods that will guide you to take a screenshot effortlessly.

Take screenshots on Chromebooks by using quick settings

In March 2021, Google launched Chrome OS 89. In this device, the company added a feature namely – a screen capture tool. This option is made available in the quick settings menu on Chromebooks. Now, usually for many people remembering shortcuts aren’t a big deal.

However, some people prefer the easiest way to capture the image or a matter on the screen. So, to take a screenshot, click on the time. With this, the quick settings menu will pop up on the bottom right side where you can select screen capture.

Now, you will see some options such as capture a single window, capture full screen, or just a part of your screen. Before you capture it, make sure you double-check the matter on the screen. Later on, after confirmation, click on capture.

Take screenshots on Chromebooks by using the keyboard shortcut

To take a screenshot, you need to click on the three-key shortcut. Click on Shift+ctrl+show windows. Make sure you press these three key shortcuts. Later, at the bottom of the screen, a toolbar will pop up.

Show window key – look at the keyboard’s top row and you will find an icon that looks exactly like a window with two windows stacked behind it. Along with this, even if you want to take a quick shot of an entire screen then still it’s very simple. Just make sure you press Ctrl+Show windows.

Where can you find your screenshots on Chromebook?

Chromebook features a storage area on the Shelf called Tote. You may locate your most recent screenshots there. However, all your screenshots are automatically copied to Clipboard. But, it stored only the last five screenshots that you’ve saved.

To retrieve recently downloaded files, screenshots, and pinned files, open Tote from the Shelf. Screenshots are also stored in your “Downloads” folder for subsequent retrieval. By pressing Shift + Ctrl + Show windows, choosing Settings > Select folder, and then select the desired folder, you can alter where future screenshots are delivered.

Now, if you want to view all your screenshots and then press the “everything” button plus V. Users can find screenshots that were previously saved to the Clipboard in your folders. Users can discover your screenshots in the Images folder on your Chromebook and your screen recordings in the Videos folder by simply opening the Files app.

One choice is to backup these photographs to Google Drive, where they will be accessible from any device, given that Chromebooks have a finite amount of hard drive space (Opens in a new window).

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