Do you know about 3D name wallpaper? and do you know? how to set 3D wallpaper? If you don’t know these things then, keep reading till the end if it is not complete. I need some time to read if you don’t read till the end than you never ever set 3D live name wallpaper in your handset android smartphone.

Now we talk about in this article how you can set your nameplate 3D wallpaper on the home page or lock screen in an android smartphone. Some time ago we were searched on google how I set my name in wallpaper but we couldn’t get it.

That time I don’t know about then we decided to search on google about it. Finally, we find out that app with the help of you can easy to set 3D live wallpaper on the home screen or lock screen in an android smartphone. You can also use fantasy wallpaper.

I am more excited because of the reasons behind the excitement, I achieve the app on how to set 3D live name wallpaper on phone. So, you keep patient because now I share with a secret 3D live wallpaper through which you can also set live name wallpaper in your own handset. If you share this wallpaper app with your friend.

Your friend just shocked because you set your own name in a word. The name is scrolling live as a solid-state.

Set the name in your style because your style shows your status. After setting the name wallpaper on the home screen. When your activity on the hame screen as slide left or right along name is also rotate towards the slide screen. Like this activity that amazing looking on your home screen. If anyone sees it just they shocked after slide screen.

There are many features in 3D live name wallpaper which is essential to know before using the app. Several types of features.

  • You can easy to set wallpaper on the home screen or lock screen.
  • Set your name by using any kind of font style.
  • Also, you can use your nameplate showing in some 3D shapes: sphere, cube, cylinder, and cone.
  • This has made the shortcut widget on-screen form where you can set the live 3D wallpaper.
  • You need to give some permission after start the app.

How you use this app in your android smartphone?

If you didn’t install or download 3D live name wallpaper then firstly you have to download the app. You have a question about how you can download it and from where? Don’t worry about it. Scroll down below till the download button.

With the help of you can easy to download the app from the play store. After everything, let’s open the app and take advantage. How you use a 3D live name wallpaper app?

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