Recover WhatsApp stolen account
Recover WhatsApp stolen account

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging app. You must be using the WhatsApp to stay connected with your friends, colleague and other. Sometimes malicious person try to stole your WhatsApp account for misuse. Most important data or chat etc of the user is in the WhatsApp. You want to recover your WhatsApp from the scammer hands. Today I am explaining you about to recover your hacked or stolen WhatsApp account. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

You know that WhatsApp has the high level security that is end-to-end encryption. After this some bad or fraud person try some trick to stole or access your WhatsApp. Basically they try to get the users six digit verification code that is OTP which is use for login to the WhatsApp. By Mistake if you give your OTP to the scammer then they stole or hack your account.

Recover WhatsApp stolen account
Recover WhatsApp stolen account


You must have to use the two step verification to protect your WhatsApp. In case anyone may get you sim card or your verification code, on that time it protect you to being compromised with your account. Two step verification is the best feature of WhatsApp, it work as the addition security level to secure your WhatsApp. Unfortunately some stole you account even then they cannot read your old personal chat. But they can use your account for bad motive like spreading the misinformation, to bother anyone etc.

How to recover your stolen or hacked WhatsApp account?

In case if your WhatsApp get hacked then you can get it back using this method. Simply you have to log out your account and login your WhatsApp again. Log in your WhatsApp account with the six digit verification code that is OTP (One Time Password). When you login you WhatsApp account it will automatically logout your WhatsApp account from the scammer.

Unfortunately If scammer enable the two step verification on your account then it will ask you to enter the code. You have to wait for seven days, if you face this problem. When you wait for recover you account. During this time scammer also cannot use or access your WhatsApp.

Once you recover your WhatsApp account or if you want to secure or safe your WhatsApp account.

How can you secure you WhatsApp?

You have to use the two step verification feature to secure you account. If you enable this two step verification feature scammers are not able to stole your WhatsApp account and you account is safe.

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