How to recover photo from Google Drive app if lost the android smartphone in 2020 trick.


How to recover photo from Google Drive app if lost the android smartphone in the 2020 trick. if anyone has a google drive app and lost their android smartphone. There all photo or video upload on google drive. In this case How to recover photo from Google Drive app? So don’t worry about because in this post you have to read how you can recover photo or video from a lost smartphone. Keep reading till the end without left any instruction.

Google drive app

Now we also explain some more interesting features about the google drive app which is more helpful to you in daily life.


Consider though, You have any kind of medium like sd card, pan drive, and store web by which you store your data. These all things will be lost one time as mistakes but google drive app never lost your data. If your handset loses then don’t worry about it. Now we discuss how you can solve it?

If you uploading the data on google drive app then you need to restore every day. If you don’t want to restore every day, You make sure first. In this case, open the google drive app and tap on the right side top menu bar and go in setting, after you will tap on the auto restore option by which no need to restore every day.


In google drive also available dark mode theme. Just turn on dark mode in google drive.

how to upload image on google drive

It works automatically restore your data. You will have to get more options about how kind of you restore. When your mobile in wifi state then it auto restore your data accordingly.

If your mobile lost ever in case what will you do? Firstly you take some other android smartphone. Connect your email in google drive app after connecting you make sure to turn on backup or not. You can easy to recover your data from the google drive app.

Backup all images or videos from a lost smartphone within a few minutes.

You have any large image or video If you won’t share your data from Gmail but it takes only 20MB only. you can easy to share 20MB extra data with the help of google drive app through.

recover photo from Google Drive

  • Firstly you upload the image on the google drive app.
  • and click on right three dots
  • Tap on link sharing.
  • Copy the link.
  • Go on the Gmail app.
  • Past on draft email from where you want to send.
  • You friend easy to download image or video.

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