How to force stop of an app
How to force stop of an app

How to force the stop of an app android phone? It is increases CPU. Sometimes it happens, for example, you have less capacity app android phone purchase. You loaded more app on the android phone. In case your device does not support more app. It required fewer apps so we have the best solution for this concern.

How you install more apps in comparison with your android RAM storage. even your device storage too low. It accelerates your android RAM. This is the best method we have that avoids using fewer apps. After reading this post you avoid using fewer apps.


It is managing your memory process a whole bunch of other resources, suppose you installing the app, it processing in kernel behind android mobile. All the apps processing at one time but it processes on RAM axes.

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That’s why it has more loaded on the CPU. AFter stop this force. It stops suddenly and it would less be loaded. You have the best guide about that increase your CPU. Your mobile speed is increased after stopping force.

How to force the stop of an app android phone?

  • Install the force stop app.
  • Open the app.
  • Tap on right add icon

Features of force app

  • You can add to ignore.
  • Find out the ignore list.
  • After tapping on a rocket icon it started to stop force automatically.
  • Also, you can manually stop the list.
  • Check the all and stop.
  • You find out any bug or miss you can contact them to fix it.
  • They always help you.

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