Do you want to install the windows7 in the android app? how to convert Android smartphones into Windows7. You take to enjoy it by using windows app in android smartphones. Now you have a chance to use windows app in the android version. You need to read this post for knowing about you want. So, don’t worry bro! if you really decide to install the windows app on an android smartphone. Keep reading till the end if it is not complete.

Now you enjoy the windows version in your personal android smartphone. It needs some permission to alow running on an android phone. Using the app like windows absolutely similar. It is more simple to usage. you have to download this app. Most people don’t know about the app. After installing this app you can be shocked. How to convert Android smartphones into Windows7?

You make sure your mobile is applicable or not. Check firstly then you install this app. Now no need to use a laptop or computer. Just make your own phone into the windows app. Everything is looking like a computer. You can want to go file then in windows, you need to tap on the computer because on the computer or laptop. File manager as a computer version.

Some special feature of android windows app:

  • You can lock the windows theme according to you.
  • By the help cursor scroll left, right, bottom, and top all around.
  • Customize the app on the homepage.
  • Make the shortcuts app.
  • All the app icons behave like windows.
  • The navigation bar is separate in the bottom section.
  • One the place of minimizing button into a cross icon.

How you can use this app?

If you haven’t windows app then firstly, you need to install this app? You have a question about how you download this app? then, scroll down below you will see their download button. With the help of you can easy to download the android windows application. After all, you enjoy the app.

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