hide your WhatsApp chat
hide your WhatsApp chat

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and instant messaging apps. You must be chatting or messaging with your friends, family, and someone other contacts. Everyone has some secret chat conversation with your friends, other contacts your sharing password, etc.

You want to hide these all chat conversations without deleting those, but you don’t know. Some people think to add the lock to WhatsApp but you have a special feature to hide your WhatsApp without deleting those Chat Conversations. WhatsApp contact hider features are amazing. Today I am explaining the special feature which helps you to hide your chat conversation without deleting those. Read this post till the end to know detail about these features.


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So many prying eyes want to see your private chat conversation but to secure your chat WhatsApp has very special. The name of the features is Archive chat. Basically, the works of this feature are to keep your secret chat well hidden. you can also retrieve it whenever you want to retrieve it. The Archive feature allows you to hide your secret chat in your WhatsApp. Archive the chat means your chat is not deleted and backup it. It means your chat is hidden from the screen.

Note: Your archive chat will be re-appear when you receive a new message from archived chat.

How to Archive chat in Android?

  • Open WhatsApp and select the person whom chat you want to Archive.
  • Click on the three dots top of the right corner it chats is pinned. Otherwise, you will find the Archive icon beside the three dots
  • Click on the Archive Chat.
  • Your chat is Archive and secure.

How to Un Archive Chat?

  • Open the WhatsApp and click on the three dots top of the right option.
  • Scroll down the chat and comes to the bottom of the chat.
  • Click on the Archived chat to open.
  • After this Select the chat which you want to un Archived.
  • Click on the Un Archive Chat icon top of the right corner of the screen. Now your chat is un Archive. WhatsApp contact hider

I hope this post is very useful to you. Thanks for reading the post till the end.

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