Google Photo end space
Google Photo end space

You must be using the Google Photos app to take a backup of your important photos, videos, documents, etc. Google Photos gives you the storage to upload your important photos, and videos, and take the backup of these important photos, videos, documents, etc. When you upload your file or take a backup of your important file it fills up the cloud space.

Google is providing you the free unlimited storage on Google Photos to upload your high-quality photos, videos, etc. But Google will stop or end the free unlimited storage soon. Today I am explaining to you about the Google Photos End free unlimited space. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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Google Photos ends free unlimited space

It will be ending the unlimited free storage soon for high-quality photos and videos. The unlimited free storage will be ending on 1 June 2021.

The Google photos new policy will take effect from 1 June 2021. Users have to pay the charge for cloud storage to store their photos and videos after free storage is used. 15 GB of cloud storage is free you don’t need to pay if you use up to 15 GB of cloud storage.

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You can buy more storage if you need more storage. The Google storage plan starts at Rs. 130 per month. You will get 100 GB storage at Rs. 130. Also, you will get the 200 GB and 2TB storage at Rs. 210 and Rs. 650 per month plan. You can also buy the 10 TB storage at Rs 3,250 per month, 20 TB Storage at Rs 6,500 per month, and 30 TB at Rs 9,750 per month. You can buy these storages as per your needs.

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