Google removes 163 apps
Google removes 163 apps

Finally, after so long time, Google seems to test its AR smart Glasses after testing lab prototypes. Yes, the company has now unveiled its new pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses at its I/O developer this year. Next month, Google’s AR Smart Glasses are set to be tested in public according to the details given by Google.

The business showed a special ability for the unique device. Since it can translate and transcribe languages in real-time. It also makes it simpler for those who don’t speak the same language to communicate. Along with this, the feature of this device can also help to hear the impaired better understand the world around them.

However, Google has tried a lot to add its tech into glasses for years. None of their experiments made it public especially Google glasses. Although, the company is certainly hoping for good results with AR Smart Glasses. The company also mentions that there are limitations to Google’s AR and VR division. These divisions are of course been tested in the lab environment.

In a blog post, Google also mentions that “This will allow us to better understand how these devices can help people in their everyday lives.” Also, it’s impressive that there are many features in it including traffic conditions in the area. Along with this, it also includes a weather report as well as it also incorporates navigation. Of course, it requires analysis of weather as well as real-time data of it.

Testing new AR Smart Glasses in Public

When Google announced its AR glasses at I/O 2022, the main focus of the company was to break language barriers. Other focus points – are shown in the video released by the company. As the day passes, the world is coming closer and together. But, along with this, there’s also a language barrier. There are more than 1000 languages in the world spoken so breaking barriers becomes the main focus.

To overcome this, Google added many features to it. In this, the one who wears the glasses when engaged in a conversation, the glasses will show subtitles him/her. Subtitles will show up as the person talks. With this new feature, it’s also said that this could bring people together and the growth factor of humans will ultimately raise.

Before transcribing the words that are spoken, the operating system will automatically translate them. Ultimately, it’s safe to say that the device can help make conversations simple even when people do not speak the same language.

However, it’s estimated that before Google, Apple would release its first Smart Glass. But, the situation is different now. This makes it more exciting as Google offers so much more for its users. Shortly, after knowing these features, all eyes are on Apple’s Smart Glass features.

Along with this, it seems that as Google is preparing for AR Smart Glasses public testing, it surely wants to avoid any sort of controversies as well. However, only selected testers will test the AR glasses in Public. This is because the company wants to make this a small-scale testing in public settings.

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