Full battery alarm app
Full battery alarm app

Are you using a smartphone? and have a smart charging app that alerts you when you’re charging fully. Full battery and theft alarm app. We give you the advice to get the correct decision tech-related what’s good for your smartphone, or what’s bad.

I going to talk about these apps that truly waiting for it. We appreciate you reading this post. After reading this post you will feel get the interesting app. I know you never listen to that type of app. If you want to know this app so keep reading till the end. let’s have to start from the beginning.


This app alerts you when your battery is full. It advises you to remove your mobile from charging. You can adjust manually the battery % percentage accordingly when you want to remove the charger. It has unexpected features that you never know about features what am I talking about further.

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You plug charge to mobile and if someone tries to remove the smartphone from the charger, unfortunately, it will start to ring loudly until you hear. I mean to say that it will alert you. Before using this app know this information. It is absolutely free app. Full battery alarm app that notifies you when you mobile till full.

How to download full battery alarm
How to download full battery alarm

Some important features of the charger app

  • You can set the % battery percentage when you want to alert.
  • Also, set a thief ring when someone tries to remove the smartphone.
  • It also shows the remaining time to charge till full.
  • Battery hotness temperature suggests.
  • Set the password to stop the alarm ring.
  • Also, battery alert history.

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