Fau-G game pre-registration
Fau-G game pre-registration

The FAU-G mobile game is now open for pre-registration. You can register for the FAU-G game on Google Play Store. The FAU-G game is the opponent of the PUBG Mobile game. The FAU-G game is based on the heroic of the Indian armed forces. Today I am explaining to you about the FAU-G game pre-registration. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

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Here are the full details about the FAU-G game pre-registration.

The nCore has tweeted about the FAU-G that is is now open for the pre-registration. The Indian publisher nCore games publish this FAU-G. The Pre-registration of the FAU-G game is only available for android users on Google Play Store currently. Gamers/users cannot download this game yet to play.

For the iOS users, there is no info when it will come for pre-registration or the game will launch. It is also not confirmed that when will the FAU-G game release or launch for the users/gamers. The FAU-G game will be released late in November according to the company’s previous confirmation.

The Gamers or users will get the notification when the game will available for download once the users have done the pre-registration The game FAU-G stands for the Fearless And United – Guards. The FAU-G game as the PUBG mobile game.

The gameplay will be based on India’s recent armed conflict against China at the Galvan Valley border. The teaser is possibly depicting these very scenes. The FAU-G brings the same competitive online player ecosystem the way PUBG mobile has done or purely as a level based personal driven shooter game. To pre-register for the FAU-G game you have to tap on the given link.


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