WhatsApp web dark theme

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app. WhatsApp rollout the Dark Mode theme a few months ago. Dark Mode theme is available for Android, iPhone, and Beta versions. But what about the WhatsApp Web. All the users of the WhatsApp Web want the Dark Mode feature on the Web. They have the curiosity to know when the WhatsApp rollout the Dark Mode theme. Today I am explaining to you to get the Dark Mode theme in WhatsApp Web. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

 WhatsApp is not rollout the Dark Mode theme officially on Web. But I have a trick to get the Dark Mode theme without installing any plugin and disrupting other browser pages. This is the very simple trick to get the Dark Mode theme.


NOTE: The Dark Theme isn’t normally available on WhatsApp Web, but you can follow this procedure to enable it. Enjoy!

Follow these steps to get the WhatsApp Web Dark mode theme.

  • Open the WhatsApp and right-click on the empty area of the chat.
  • Click on the inspect page tab. You can also use the Ctrl+F shortcut key to zoom out the WhatsApp browser.
  • It will show you the split-screen view when you click on the inspect option. Basically it shows you the WhatsApp Web page coding. You have to find the line that reads or show the body class = “web”
WhatsApp web dark theme
the inspect option
  • You have to double click on that line to switch the cursor. This switch cursor helps you to rename or edit anything.
  • Change or rename the Web to Web dark. Now you will find that the line of code should look like body class = “web dark”
WhatsApp web dark theme
Change the body class web to web dark mode and it is Whatsapp inspect code

However the background of the chat windows is set in a super dark shade of olive green. The Chat tabs are set in a slightly lighter shade. Received messages appear on a grey text snippet, while sent messages are enclosed in lighter green bubbles. This is not the official setting of the Dark mode theme. But this looks professional.

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Image source: Google developer [1]

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