CPU Cooler Pro Phone Cooler Pro is the best app for Android not only helps you detect overheating app (cause heat and make your device slow) and cool down your device with a single one-tap but also has beautiful design & easy to use. With CPU Cooler, you can easy to auto-detect overheating apps and select any app, process of to kill, CPU Cooler will help you play the game, browser web, enjoy a movie at the same time make your phones cool and don’t worry device heating.
CPU cooler in other words cool master, cooling android phone, cooler expert master, phone cooling app, Smart cooler master is an essential application and should installed for every Android device. Download and enjoy CPU Cooler to optimize your Android device faster, protect your phone from overheating & especially CPU Cooler is completely free for all.
KEY FEATURES of CPU Cooler & Phone Cooler Master for Android:
✓ Real-Time Monitoring
Monitor CPU temperature, RAM Usage, CPU Usage in real-time & display in unique screen..

✓Auto-detect Overheating Apps
CPU Cooler auto-detect overheating apps with a single one-tap Cool Down Button, CPU Cooler will auto find and list overheating apps & processes to select kill to reduce your device temperature.
✓Show Ram & CPU Usage detail:
CPU Cooler show Ram & CPU Usage detail in unique screen – help you monitor your device’s resources to (RAM, CPU).
✓One tap to cool down
Just click “Cool Down” Botton to detect & close overheating apps to reduces CPU usage and Cooler down your devices.
✓Overheating prevention
Closes apps that are likely to cause temperature rise, and prevents me from the phone temperature from rising again.
✓Easy to convert Temperature Unit
Just click Celsius & Fahrenheit in menu setting to change Temperature Unit.
✓Easy to Use
Easy to control the temperature with the cooler master, cool down the cell phone, mini size easy to download and install smart device cooler
NEXT VERSION of CPU Cooler Master:
In the next version, we’ll add more advanced features for CPU Cooler:
– Automatic warning when the phone is overheating temperature allows.
– Monitor & Control CPU Temperature, Phone Temperature in Lock screen.



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