Corona kavach app
Corona kavach app

Corona kavach app. Coronavirus is a very unexpectable disease creates. You all know well about coronavirus. The present environment is passing very seriously due to coronavirus. Our government is taking strict action on this. Not only this, but even our government has also been lockdown India for 21 days.

Everyone is alerting that stay home whether government, politics, Bollywood superstar through social media. Firstly thanks to the doctor, nurse, and administration. Where are all the people? Coronavirus is trying to drive Fires away. And all social media get notified me that what’s going in the whole world.

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We know you will be upset with your family and children. Not only you, everyone is upset about this. Everyone wants us to safe and we keep getting news of every moment through any means of the Coronavirus situation. Seeing all these things, our government has launched such an app on the Google Play Store.

This is always to update you on such type of news. How many people infected in this virus, and how many people died due to coronavirus. One of the most interesting how many people has been cured of this disease.

Today I am going to tell you about a similar app that will always keep you updated. Their name is Corona kavach app.

Corona kavach

Before that, it will require some essential permission to access the app: location and story.

Notice: This is the beta version of the corona kavach app. The official app will be released shortly, please update and register.

Let’s see the features of the app

  • Activity COVID-2019 cases.
  • Cured /Discharged case.
  • Seth cases.
  • Passenger screened at the airport.
  • Breathing exercises timer.
  • Questionnaire.

These types of features show you while opening the app. And you can

How to use this corona kavach app on your phone?

First of all, this corona kavach app has to be installed on your android smartphone. After that, you need to register for any mobile number. Only then you will be able to use this app.

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