Copy Images and Videos from files
Copy Images and Videos from files

You must be downloading the picture and videos on your iPhone or iPad. The downloaded photos and videos are saved to your Files apps. You must want to keep these downloaded media files in your photos library on your iPhone or iPad.

But don’t know the process to copy that media file to the Photos library from the Files app. Today I am explaining to you about Copy Images and videos from files to Photos on iPhone or iPad. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

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Copy Images and Videos from Files to the Photos

You can easily transfer or copy those media files that you have downloaded on your Files app to the Photos library. Follows these steps to copy the photos and Videos from the Files to the Photos.

First of all, you have to open the Files option on your iPhone or iPad. After this go to the folder on that, you have downloaded or saved the media files. Select the images and videos that you want to copy from the Files app. You can copy a single picture & video or multiple.

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Tap on the Share option once you select the images or videos. Tap on the Save Images or Save Videos option. If you select a single image or video then it will show your Save image or save video option. If you have selected the multiple-image or video then it will show you the Save (number of select items on the middle) image or video like this Save…images or Save…Videos.

Now when you open the Photos library then you can see all the copy media files from the Files are available on the Photos library. You can also copy the picture or videos from the photos library to the Files app.

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