Compass Gallery Vault
Compass Gallery vault is a secret vault for gallery photos and videos and music.
Now a days All people know about Gallery vault but this App is unique Fornt end display Compass and Behind it you can hide all your photos and videos so NoOne can know you have installed Gallery Vault.
You can Hide Photos and Videos and Create Secret notes in Compass Gallery Vault,New Way to Hide your files and enjoy Images and Videos inside Compass Vault
Safe and Secure Gallery Vault for your Phone.
Compass Gallery Vault also known as:

– Gallery Vault
– Secret Gallery Vault
– Gallery Lock
– Hide Gallery
– Hide Behind Compass
– Hide Photos/Videos
– Hide Audios
– Hide Secret Notes
– Passcode & Fingerprint
– Fake Passcode
– Uninstall Prevention
*This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
1) Device Administrator permission(android.permission.BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN): This Permission is use to only prevent to Uninstall this app (No other use).
2) Use FingerPrint: This Permission is use to Unlock vault with your FingerPrint.
Read/Write Storage Permission: This Permission is use to hide and unhide files to storage.
3) Internet Permission: This Permission is use to show Ads in app.
*These All permissions are used for above listed uses. We not used those permissions for others uses.



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