Change the color of your hair and skin! Switch the background! Teleport anywhere Change hair collage. I spend a lot of time working and creating an application with a completely new interface. Giving you a new look. If you want to change your blur background with your own photo in just a minute. you can just give a new look after changing hair at your photo.

Change the hair Color download app.

Edit your photos automatically Change hair color with Teleport photo editor – our brand new app powered by the latest artificial intelligence technologies.

How to make new hair color

– Recolor your skin! Apply a natural looking sunburn effect or try out magic skin colors like green, yellow, blue and many more!
– Make collages of different hair color
– Change the background and teleport yourself wherever you’d like!
– Blur the background and make your photo look better than a DSLR portrait!
– Color your hair right in the app!

Take a photo with your camera, or pick it from the gallery. Apply skin & hair filters, add blur, or change background

Privacy Policy of hair color
This app uses the Device Administrator’s permission. It is necessary and used only for locking the device when you use features turn off the screen. You need to enable Administration before it can be used that feature. To uninstall the app, please open my app and click the “Uninstall” button.
-This app uses Accessibility services. Edge screen panel
We request this permission to:
– Receive notifications when you are interacting with an app to make the color auto change and some feature


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