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Best Whatsapp tool apps for android that give you 8 whatsapp features




This post is special for that one who currently using WhatsApp. I have seen lots of people suffering a common problem but they have no kind of ideas that resolve it. Although they try to find this type of app that contains all these tools.

The WhatsApp CEO has announced some essential features recently but when it comes, there is no fixed schedule date. In this case, some other app developer gets profit on this spot. They make the app according to public demand. Best Whatsapp tool apps for android that give you interesting features.

As you can see or listen about stable WhatsApp dark mode features roll out on Android or iOS before they leave on the web unstable WhatsApp dark mode features in beta version for android or iOS.


I would like to appreciate WhatsApp users who take long patients with Whatsapp dark mode features. Keeping all these features in mind other founder has developed WhatsApp tolls that is more useful for WhatsApp user.

Because they feel the efficiency of some tools that can resolve their problems. Similarly, we collect all Ideas and found out a basic app in that 8 tools are available. I am talking about the WhatsApp tool app. If you like to use this app keep reading till the end let’s start from the beginning.

It requires some essential permission to use:

Features of WhatsApp tool app.

  • Walk and chat: When using these features it’s more unique itself. why? because when you chat during walking. In this case, it leads you to how you walk on the road. You can see on the chat screen where you travel right now.
  • WhatsApp cleaner: You can easy to clear with the help of these tools separately contact number wise.
  • Unsave number: You can chat with anyone without saving his number in the contact list. It works in direct chat.
  • Text repeater: With the help of you can send a huge amount of the same word. like a reaping sentence and word if someone ignores you.
  • WhatsApp status saver: It helps you to download WhatsApp images or videos indirectly in the gallery.
  • Text to emoji: Special Sticker is available on it. Best Whatsapp tool apps for android it is a part of the features of WhatsApp.
  • Captions status: You can also add the WhatsApp status caption directly with the help of WhatsApp tools.
  • Fake chat: After using these features your friend will just be shocked because you can send a professional number like VIP, heroes, many more. you can save any special man who has a popular name and add their photo.

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