Cleaning, speeding up and saving your battery can help you increase speed, clean up trash, cool the central unit, and maintain battery life and manage all your applications. Cleaning, speeding up and saving your battery is the lightest but most powerful phone enhancer you’ve ever seen in your life.
Five-star features to clean up, speed up and save battery:
Cleans the trash
Our advanced file scanning system can scan the Android system to find all garbage files such as hidden system files, application hide, non-important apk files, file remnants, and more. You can remove them all to free up space and improve performance.
Multiply speed

Memory-intensive applications running in the background will slow down your phone, and cleaning, speeding up, and saving the battery can help you find the applications responsible for it. Stop to reduce memory usage and enhance your phone’s performance.
In addition, you can create a one-click enhancement icon on your home screen, so you need just one click to speed up your phone. Speeding up your phone has never been that easy.
Central Cooling Unit
Cleaning, accelerating, and saving the battery can dynamically scan the central unit, and detect applications that cause overheating. It will then help you close these applications, cool your phone immediately, and prevent the phone from warming up again.
Maintain battery life
There are applications that reduce the life of your battery. Clean, accelerate, and save battery You can check the battery status and turn off these power-draining applications to help you keep your battery. The battery drain can be reduced to 20%.



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