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Battlegrounds Mobile India: fix the TDM and other match Map download problem

Fix the TDM or other Match Map download issues in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Battlegrounds Mobile India Map issues fix.

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You must be facing the Map download problem in the Battlegrounds Mobile India game. You can easily fix the map download problem. Battlegrounds Mobile India is the rebrand of the PUBG Mobile India game. It has launched the game early access for Android users.

You must be playing the Battlegrounds Mobile India. Today I am explaining to you about the Fix Battlegrounds Mobile India game map download issues. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

Fix Map download problem in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Currently, most of the users are facing the issue that their TDM and other Map un downloaded or removed from their account on Battlegrounds Mobile India automatically. Every time when the users open the game they found their TDM mode and other mode maps automatically un downloaded. You can now fix the map issues and you don’t have to download the map again and again.

Fix Map download issues - hogatoga
Fix Map download issues – hogatoga
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To do this you have to open the File Manager on your device and go to the internal storage. After this tap on the data folder, then open the Battlegrounds Mobile India folder which is named COM.PUNG.IMOBILE. Open that folder then go to the files folder then tap on the UE4GAME folder. After this open the Shadowtrackerextra folder and again open the shadowtrackerextra. Open the Save folder then open the PAKS folder and delete all the files named game_patch.Pak.

Disclaimer: if you have Android 10 then you have to download the app. App download link is given below. If not then you can do this on your default file manager.

Remove the game from the recent app if you open the game and restart the game. Now your Battlegrounds Mobile India game map issues are solved. You can play any map and you don’t have to download the map again and again.


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