Barcode Scanner Play Pass app removed from the Google Play Store after turning Malicious

Barcode Scanner Play Pass app removed from the Google Play Store after turning Malicious. This app turned malicious after its recent update.


Google has been removed the Barcode Scanner from the Play Store. Barcode Scanner was one of the most popular barcode scanners. But after the update, this app turns malicious. Recently Google had removed the 163 apps from the Play Store which are malicious.

Before this, it had removed the Paytm, and before this 6 malware-infected apps. Now it has removed the Barcode Scanner app. Today I am explaining to you about the Barcode Scanner removed from the Google Play Store. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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Google removes the Barcode Scanner from the Play Store

Barcode Scanner was available on the Google Play Store for many years. But after the recent update of this app, it had detected the adware and Google removed it. This app had  10 million downloads when it was available. Malwarebytes said after the users reported that it was opening unruly ads through their default browser out of nowhere and google has delisted this app.


Before the update of this app, so many users are using this app and it is working properly. Nothing suspicious activities are found in this app. But after the update, this app turns into the Malicious and users are facing a lot of issues.  The users also reported that their default browser opening a fishing website. This website asking the users to install another cleaner app. This Cleaner app claims false security issues.

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If you are using the Barcode scanner then uninstall this app from your phone as soon as possible. In case if you don’t see the app on your phone and experiencing any uncontrolled browser issue then use any AppChecker app to find this app and uninstalled this app from your phone. com.qrcodescanner.barcodescanner is the package name of this app you can easily find and remove it from your device to be secure yourself.

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