App is created to benefit exclusively android users who want to explore Android.
Android hidden settings app is a one stop solution to explore all your phone’s hidden settings and to know your phone information. Android hidden settings gives user’s the Access to shortcuts and some hidden features in your phone.The phone info part of the app enables

you to know about Manufacturer
details, processor, battery , storage details, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, heart beat, gravity , Step detector , light sensor , Proximity sensor, temperature sensors real time data with its build details.Android hidden settings shows logcat which will be very useful for the android app developers.
Some of the notable shortcuts to your android phone hidden settings are
*Band mode
*Notification Log
* 4G LTE switcher
* Dual app access
* Hardware testing
* Manage your application
Andorid hidden settings Phone info features has a separate tab for USSD codes



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