Prime Video Mobile Plan
Prime Video Mobile Plan

Amazon Prime Video is set to redesign its platform in its new upcoming update. This update aims to bring a simple user interface and easier navigation for its users. Along with this, it will support everything from Fire TV, TVs, as well as Androids.

It said that it will resemble highly like Netflix by having the main navigation on the left side instead of being on the top. Besides, for iOS and Desktop users, the company Amazon plans updates in the coming months.


What you should expect from Amazon Prime Video redesign headlines

Before having a make-over for the Amazon Prime design, the platform refreshed the interface of its Fire OS for smart TVs. The re-designed theme is inspired by Netflix as the most obvious change we all can see is its navigation bar. The placement of the Navigation bar changed from top to left corner.

This makes its users search for their movies and series in a short period of time. However, in the main home, the company plans to add sub-headings as well. Surprisingly, there’s an element added that resembles Netflix which includes the “Top 10 Chart”. It is situated at the side of the navigation bar.

Along with this, there’s “larger, poster-style artwork” at the super Carousel that will show Prime Video Cinema, Amazon Originals, and Exclusives. The main primary categories include Home, store, Find, Live TV, Free with Ads, and My stuff while the sub-categories include – TV shows, Sports, and Movies on Home.

The sub-categories for Store include Rent or Buy. Along with this, with the Live TV page and Sports sub-navigation menu, you can also search and watch new Sports content and also Live programs. On the home page, You’ll also see the “Continue Watching” row button.

Additional information

This week, the re-designed Amazon is set to get released for Android, Android TV, and Fire TV worldwide. It’s worth noting that as a part of membership, the section of My Subscription includes all the videos. For all the content that’s available for purchase or rent, there’s a shopping bag icon as well.

Along with this, In the subscription, Amazon Prime Video also has a blue badge for its content. As of iOS and web versions, there’s no confirmation of the release date by the company. But the company Amazon plans to release it later this year.

Again, for its customers, it’s said that the visuals will be enhanced by making “the user experience overwhelming and less busy”. Also, you’ll also get an ability to filter the search that’s based on 4K UHD or genre, simplified usage, and real-time search suggestions in the Find section as a part of designing changes.

However, as of the update, this update isn’t available for third-generation Apple TV from 2012 and PlayStation 3 as well. Along with this, third-generation Apple TV from 2012 and PlayStation 3 as well. Also, there’s no formal announcement regarding any changes. Many rumors rolling out about the new features that are about to launch.

But, some of them haven’t got any official confirmation. The overall experience is said to be enhanced and it’s about to get way smoother and easier than before.

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