The description of StealthTap Keyboard
StealthTap Keyboard is one of a kind keyboard app that allows you to lock all the messages you send from your mobile. You can use StealthTap Keyboard for communicating on any application be it WhatsApp, Kik, iMessage, Facebook Messenger or Hangouts. All you need is to replace the keyboard on your phone with StealthTap Keyboard.
Worried that intimate messages from your partner will be shown on notification for anyone to see?
Worried to hand over your phone for a few minutes to your friends/family as they might get to know your personal messages?
Switching to a new messenger app just to send a private message is a “pain” as your network of friends and family might not be available on that messenger app
Worry no more, get StealthTap Keyboard to send private messages in any messenger
StealthTap Keyboard is an awesome app for all the young millennials that love and respect their own privacy.
Using StealthTap Keyboard:
1. You can lock a message that you typed by clicking the lock icon.
2. You can unlock a message by copying the locked message & clicking the unlock icon.
3. You can set a PIN so that when unlock icon is clicked StealthTap Keyboard prompts for the PIN to restrict others from reading the received message.
StealthTap Keyboard supports the following languages:
To switch languages long-press Comma Key and select Settings Key



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