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Add the broken screen background wallpaper on android home screen

Are listened to any such type of wallpaper with the help of you can prank broken screens on any android device? I am happy to tell you about it because we found such an app that animated like a broken screen. It is truly good for seeing and for touching why because when you try to touch on screen it animates like your mobile screen is broken.

If your friend or family sees it they think that it broke. Unfortunately, they said about your broken device. It truly awesome app that discovers good looking at your phone. Add the broken screen background wallpaper. If you missing or waiting for that kind of app.

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It’s time to wake up from the darkness. We always try to guide a good and trend app that truly needs your daily life. I hope it avoids your boring life. It can also use for pranks with friends. App has no such kinds of ads that will make trouble to use while you activate on the app.

Screen broken app using features

  • Crack screen (touch).
  • Destroy screen (shake).
  • Crack screen (shake).
  • File screen (blow).
  • Electric screen (touch).
  • Fire screen (touch).

It required some essential permission for starting this app. I will appreciate that read the true or correct post. You can use this app desperado without stopping.

How you can use this app?

  • Firstly you make sure, you installed or not.
  • Once you download the app.
  • After opening the app.
  • You use such kinds of animation split screen that you want to use.
  • Add the broken screen background wallpaper.
  • On your android phone.
  • Enjoy this app always you like.

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  1. This app is truly amazing for user that make attractive animation on android phone screen while we use apply on mobile screen.


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