3.2 Billion email and password leaked
3.2 Billion email and password leaked

Nowadays Data breaching is a very common phenomenon. You must be listening to that every day many data breaches. Those data are leaked in very low amounts. But more than 3.2 billion email and password pairs were leaked online.

This pair of email and password data is the biggest data breach according to the report. Today I am explaining to you about the 3.2 Billion email and password pair leaked. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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3.2 billion email and password pair Data leaked

This leak is also called the COMB, the mother of all the breaches or the Compilation of Many Breaches. This breach impacts more to those users who use the same login and password for the various sites. Nearly 70 percent of global internet users are included in this data breach, according to the CyberNews reports.

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The Data has been compiled due to a breach in various platforms such as Gmail, Linkedin, and Netflix among others, it is assumed. CyberNews also suggests that users check if their email and password were leaked.

If your email and password pair were leaked or want to secure your email then change your email password. Use a long, unique, and strong password. To create a strong password you can use the upper case letter, lower case letter, numerical symbol, and special character mix-up.

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One of the important things is that when you change the password then never use the same password for others. Also, don’t save your password on your browser.

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